Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"Como Agua de Mayo" by Gueta na Fonte (Acoustic/Folk artist from Spain)

Gueta na Fonte's (Search in the Source's) "Como Agua de Mayo" (Like Water of May) struck us immediately as a winner of Celtic structure and so much more with it's modern and awesome production. Melodically modern, the varied ancient folk instrumentation gives the music on the CD a very powerful and deep sound. In listening to the CD, it becomes clear that this is the work of highly skilled musicians. The female vocals on some of the tracks, such as "Luz's Flower," has a very rich and passionate tone and is pitch-perfect. This CD, which is a collaboration from Xuaco de la Miranda, David Varela and the Choir Classic Chapel of Luanco directed by Facundo Artime, combines upbeat delightful pieces and easily transforms to slower and timeless pieces, such as one of our favorite tracks, "In The Forest Of Love." The final track, "Dance Of May," is our stand-out favorite track with a beautiful combination of acoustic guitar and a beautiful lead female vocals that builds into the more traditional instrumentation of the CD. If you enjoy world or celtic music, you will enjoy this CD.
-Terri and the RadioIndy Team
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