Sunday, January 27, 2008

"One Band Man" by Geoffrey Welchman (Acoustic artist from Maryland (MD))

"One Band Man" is filled with lyrics, licks, and lessons of life that reflect the abounding talents of Geoffrey Welchman. In keeping with historical trend-makers, Welchman shows us the path of bluesy, contemporary music, as he echoes past, present and future sentiment in this well-put together package. The musicianship on the CD is impressive, especially considering that Geoffrey performed all of the instruments himself. The production is very clean with some interesting effects. The highlight of the CD, however, is the songwriting, which combines interesting and sometimes unpredictable chord progressions with clever and well thought-out lyrics. One of our favorite tracks, "Unforgiven" is an adult rock track filled with raw emotion that blends electric guitar licks with beautiful self-harmonies. "Fender Bender" begins with some interesting effects that fade into a catchy bass line that provides a very cool groove for this track. This CD is well worth a listen to hear some of the creative songwriting and impressive musicianship of one talented person!
-Terri D., Manny V, and
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