Saturday, January 26, 2008

"Giant Sized Life" by Micah Olsan (Acoustic artist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI))


"Giant Sized Life" by Micah Olsan is an impressive modern folk CD. The CD features Micah's excellent songwriting, which includes memorable choruses and thought-provoking lyrics. Throughout the CD, Micah demonstrates his smooth acoustic guitar work and pitch-perfect vocals, which are delivered with a very interesting vocal tone. The production and musicianship on the CD are top notch. Tracks such as "Come Again" and "Jerry Danks" feature a very tight groove that is a signature of this fine CD. Another signature of this CD are tight breaks, which, on "Giant Sized Life," are filled with catchy percussion and guitar licks. If you enjoy big-name artists such as Dave Matthews and Jack Johnson, you will enjoy this CD.

- Xavier P. Check out Micah Olsan's music on with link to purchase and links to popular sites