Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Winslow's Self-Titled CD (Classic Rock/Modern Folk artist from British Columbia, Canada (CA))

Winslow's self-titled debut is a powerful classic rock/modern folk album. Opening with the memorable "Howling at the Moon," Winslow immediately introduces his edgy, mesmerizing voice. "Color" follows suite to show off some amazing rock guitar riffs and solos. One thing that stands out on this record is its lyrics, which ring with heavy poetic appeal. "Dear Bella" and "Drinkin' Alone" yield great appeal with those who enjoy the purity of acoustic tunes. Moreover, the folk tune "Fillimeeooreay" introduces Winslow's refreshing musical diversity. Furthermore, the production of "Winslow" is superb, allowing the powerhouse rock songs to flow with electricity while infusing the folk/acoustic songs with sincerity. Fans of classic rock and modern folk will jump for joy at the sounds of this wholesome CD!
-Xavier P. and RadioIndy