Friday, August 3, 2007

"Out of the Darkness" by Mike Marino & His Restless Soul (Modern Folk/Easy Listening artist from New Jersey (NJ))

"Out of the Darkness" by Mike Marino & His Restless Soul is a refreshing collection of modern folk/easy listening tunes. Opening with "Love the Good More Than You Hate the Bad" serves as the perfect gateway to the lyrical soul-searching found throughout the rest of the CD. Musically, "Out of the Darkness" is very appealing, hailing the use of beautiful organs, great guitar solos, and easy-sing-along melodies. "Here Today" shows off this great instrumentation, flaunting a rockin' guitar solo. Picking up the groove is the very memorable and adventurous southern rock tune "Twenty Too Late," which shows off Mike's musical diversity. Vocally, Mike is captivating and has somewhat of a oldies vibe that boasts cross-generational appeal! Sound production marked by clarity and precision puts the wraps on this audio package. Fans of country/folk rock will enjoy this work of art!
-Xavier P. for RadioIndy