Friday, August 3, 2007

"Cover Art" by Michael Derning and Mia Arends (Acoustic/Folk-Pop Artists from Seattle, Washington (WA))

"Cover Art" by Michael Derning and Mia Arends is accurately described by its title: a beautiful, artistic collection of covers from Bob Dylan, Randy Newman, and many other timeless music icons! Encompassing a large array of styles including jazz, blues, folk, and pop, "Cover Art" is pleasantly diverse. Every song on this CD illuminates a deep sense of purity, using the unbeatable pair of graceful acoustic guitars and passionate vocals. "Dead Egyptian Blues" best demonstrates Michael and Mia's vocal chemistry with their stunning, seamless harmonies. Moreover, "Vampire" shows off the skillful instrumentation present on this CD. Furthermore, the production of "Cover Art" is up to par and allows these charming tunes to connect with listeners on a very intimate level. Fans of acoustic songs and timeless classics will find themselves uncontrollably indulging in this addictive collection of "Cover Art."
-Xavier P. for RadioIndy