Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Songs from the 3rd Floor" by John Mizzoni (Folk artist from Pennsylvania)

"Songs From The 3rd Floor" contains a full 15 songs from John Mizzoni, who's been around long enough to know what the listeners want to hear. He brings a style to his folk that certainly can accommodate most easy-listening, folk audiences. He should know what folks want to hear, as an Associate Professor of Philosophy ( Neumann College , Aston, PA). His soothing "Instrumental in G" and lively "Keyboard C Strings Instrumental" both contain wonderful soul-searching musical moments that capture a flow of the music to come. John seems like a modern-day John of the 1960's - Lennon, with slight accent and certainly quality. John picks up the pace with "We Don't Need Cash", lively and right on the money! Our favorite "Somewhere in Between" rises above the nature of time and gives a fresh new perspective . This CD captures the best of experimental instrumental fusion and soulful, thought-provoking lyrics. If you wish to relax and enjoy all 15 selections, this is the CD for you! Pick up a copy today.
-Terri D.
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