Monday, April 30, 2007

"Until the Road Ends" by the Folly

"Until the Road Ends" by the Folly is an impressive spiritual rock CD. The vocals are powerful but not overpowering. The meaningful lyrics cut through the music nicely. The band is very tight, which is especially impressive given the complexity of the arrangements. The sound of this excellent band is nicely captured by this high quality recording. The acoustic guitar work throughout the CD is beautiful. For example check out "Until the Road Ends." "For You My Child" is another beautiful acoustic song on the CD. "Day of Discontent" is driven by a catchy guitar lick that builds throughout the song. "The Rising Sun" is one of our favorite tracks, with powerful spiritual lyrics and memorable melodic vocals. If you enjoy spiritual rock music, you will enjoy this CD. Pick up a copy today!
- RadioIndy Staff
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